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Working papers

"The impact of changes in dwelling characteristics and housing preferences on house price indices." joint with Peter Reusens and Frank Vastmans (R&R Economic Modelling)

"How green is your house? Mandatory energy performance certificates and energy consumption"

"Split incentives, asymmetric information and energy efficiency subsidies" joint with Geert Goeyvaerts and Stef Schildermans

"Housing market responses to the mortgage interest deduction" joint with Geert Goeyvaerts (new version soon)

Work in progress

"Predicting land prices" joint with Jacqueline Seufert and Geert Goeyvaerts

"Risk in rental markets" joint with Stijn Dreesen and Geert Goeyvaerts

"The Effect of Broker Commissions on Real Estate Transaction Outcomes" joint with Bert Willekens